About Us

Pro ARTIST/ATHLETE Consumer Engagement is a Network of Individuals determined to serve as Product Champions for Companies seeking to increase consumer engagement by way of Marketing, Promotions, Branding and Sales

Uniting individual efforts

WE activate for brands by using a customized network of affiliated bloggers, brand ambassadors, promotional models, stylists, musical artists, professional athletes & actors. A Network affiliated through RELATIONSHIPS developed over many successful endeavors across several industries.

PACE with Pros is a subsidiary of Patchwerks, Inc.
pwrinclogomedPatchwerks Inc. is a multimedia and lifestyle production company that creates, license, or acquires music, film, television, internet properties, and lifestyle brands, to exploit through various outlets and media resources. Patchwerks’ founder and CEO Bob L. Whitfield III provides the leadership and creative vision for developing the company’s various projects and bringing them to market. Patchwerks exemplifies a proven reputation for excellence. The high service quality and superior management equates to the financial success of Patchwerks in over 20 years in operation.

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